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What is Matanga site?

Matanga –  shop works across Georgia and Russia. The main audience is Georgia. Accordingly, most of the stores on the matanga site are from Georgia, in particular Tbilisi.

Matanga / Matanga store does not differ in special functionality or other features, it is an ordinary marketplace.

The main goods on matanga in Georgia are bosko, hashish, cocaine. The prices are high, but the service is good.
In case of controversial situations, you can always invite a moderator, treasures, as elsewhere – magnets, prikopy, hiding places.
There are many payment methods on the site – qiwi, card, bitcoin, it will not be difficult to buy on matang.

Matanga link

http://matan2boidjvew7p.onion – Matanga tor link (matanga tor link) – Matanga link for any browser (non-tor matanga link) – Matanga site mirror for anyone browser (non-tor matanga link)

Also, in Georgia, you can use the services of sellers’ telegrams, for example – @georgiaklad


Be aware that there are fraudulent copies of the store on the internet. If you top up the balance on such a site, the money can go to the attacker.
Here is a list of fake domains:

matanga guru

matanga pw

matanga se

matanga sx

matanga pro

matanga yt

matanga tf

matanga fun

matanga be

matanga biz

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